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This cross-disciplinary journal analyses international intervention, focussing on interactions and practices to shape influence and transform state and society. It looks at internal and external influences, including international organisations, coalitions or single states, and looks at how they compete against each other to establish and institutionalise rule.

The aims and scope of the journal can be found here.

Now available to the University of Cambridge electronically from volume 1 (2007) to present.

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I joined Twitter probably about a year ago and followed some famous people, some friends, and a few library and publishing orientated sites, and then found it was something I couldn’t be bothered to log into on a daily or even weekly basis. I do keep coming back to it, trying to be keen, as it does have the potential to keep me uptodate with all sorts of useful library news, but this can easily be swamped by miscellaneous “stuff ” (I found The Bookseller believes in drowning its followers in tweets so have ‘unfollowed’ them.) I think my problem is selectivity, I need to be more ruthless, and ditch the dross. Litter ye not!

uploaded to flickr by bikertourist.org

I have loaded my twitterfeed into iGoogle and don’t much like the viewing box, as it requires me to scroll along to read the tweets fully, very irritating (I don’t just follow LibrGoddess honest!) If anyone has any better suggestions for viewing Twitter in iGoogle please let me know. Thanks to N Page for the tip off about JournoTwit which I will try and investigate, but I wonder if this can be embedded into iGoogle?

I like the friends network tool which Phil Bradley talks about, this enables you to see who your friends are following in a nifty way, and from their friends you can pick one and see who they are following and so on. Some of the people I follow are visualised below…

Then I clicked on ebookscambridge and the page expands to show me some of my followings in a larger circle and ebooks@cambridge followings in the middle… hours of fun!

If nothing else, I love the plethora of birdy images which have been generated by Twitter, but whether I ever use it regularly remains to be seen. I can certainly see its use for libraries to push out content and updates quickly to their users. That’s great and I’m all for it!

taken from flickr

Erm… not really, but please if you haven’t already, fill in my doodle with which I am trying to find out the age demographic of 23TC people.

27 people have filled it in and there are 96 bloggers registered with 23TC, so only 69 to go, please tell all your friends.

Firstly, thanks to all who have responded to my Doodle poll, I will await some more responses and get back to this in a day or two.

Thing 6 is the Google Calendar challenge, and when I went to start this I found I already had one set up in the Cambridge domain and was presented with the following message…

…ok thinks I, no problem, and I opened it, added some events to it and loaded my already existing cam.ac.uk calendar into my iGoogle page. It appeared but it looks like this…

When I click on “select some calendars to display” a little “Loading” appears, then disappears and that’s it.. nada, zilch, no display of my events, just a white space. When I click on Options it doesn’t get any better, although if I try and open the calendar from here, this happens…

but nothing loads!

What am I doing wrong??

Any help will be very much appreciated 🙂

Have just spotted this article, Blogger demographics : who is responsible for the majority of blog content? and it got me thinking that it would be interesting to know our own 23 Things Cam age statistics. Or am I just being nosey? Probably but here goes anyway.

I have created a Doodle poll to try and find out how old we all are. Please fill it in as the results could be interesting, you don’t have to leave your real name of course. All I ask is that you are an active 23 Things Cam participant (although why anyone else would be looking at this blog is quite beyond me and rather an unlikely scenario.) I will report the results in a future blog post, I wonder if we buck the trend?

Please tell your 23Cam friends so that as many of us as possible fill in the poll!

I’ve got a mental block about blogging on Thing 4. I’m not sure why. I’ve done it but I’ve been putting off spilling the beans … maybe because I couldn’t think of an interesting enough post title (see Marsh’s B(l)og on this matter.) But I want you to know that I have registered my blog, posted a screen shot or two, explored other 23 Things Cam blogs in great depth (am now addicted) and engaged with a few of them.

So there!

Thing 5 I like very much. Doodle is a great tool and I’ve used it quite a few times, both to arrange work meetings and to organise training sessions for UL duty officers. It’s simple to create a Doodle and to participate in it. For Thing 5 I quickly arranged a support group meeting. I prefer Doodle to Meet-O-Matic (which I tried last year sometime) as it’s more flexible regarding times and all participants can see each other’s choices. And Doodle has a better name, which of course is very important. And it rhymes with strudel and poodle and boodle and noodle…

…and there are doodlebugs!

Have had a lovely weekend, and am now sipping my homemade cosmo (recipe and prep tips thanks to my brother John), while the spanish roast chicken roasts in the oven. Yesterday was so hot and humid, but Paddy and I managed some gardening and then got ready for the arrival of friends. In the early evening we walked through Burwell and across the fields to the Dyke’s End in Reach, a splendid pub with a micro brewery (the brewer (owners brother) went to school with Paddy in Rotherham…bizarre!) The food was amazing last night, scallops and ribeye being the stars of the show. We rolled back with time for a nightcap in The Fox, very cleverly managing to miss the downpour which occurred while we were eating… excellent planning.

Today was late breakfast (sausage & onion & mustard sarnies – decadent) then more gardening until the heavens opened and thunder & lightning very very frightening!

Now it’s all quiet on the Eastern front and it’s time for the chicken to come out of the oven and to see if I can squeeze any more out of the cosmo jug…bliss!

Am feeling a bit frazzled and a bit stupid today, as was sat for ages trying to work out why my OPML file was saying I had no style (how RUDE!) while following instructions from Skiddie2. This managed to flummox Andy & Sarah in the drop-in session today too… sorry to you both. Then I got back to my desk only to find other, more techy savvy bloggers than me had managed to set up the bulk feed to their Google and Netvibes readers very successfully, see the comments here. There’s even a shared file available now which is wonderful.

I realise now that I was expecting too much of OPML, I should have just saved the OPML file myself, and not expected it to tell me that it had done it itself.  Despite my lack of style,  (“This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”) I was able to save and import it into my Google reader. Then I had to delete it when I saw that Girl in the Moon had created a shared file of the feeds, more of them now, and I used that instead.

I am a relative newcomer to Google reader and am not sure I like it, it’s too listy and bland looking. I like the look of Isla’s Netvibes page of feeds much more, it’s very soothing. But I cannot face a foray into a whole new reader (today), and would I be able to set up a reader with Netvibes and embed it into my iGoogle page? Is this totally unreasonable?

I need coffee!

By the way, the drop-in sessions are a great idea, keep them coming, I’m sure they will prove invaluable.

Today I have tried iGoogle Chat. It’s sort of Skype like and ok but I can’t see it taking over the world. It might be more relevant if I made iGoogle my homepage but on that I am putting my foot down. There doesn’t seem to be a toolbar flag facility, so you have to be looking at iGoogle to know when a message has arrived.

I have rationalised my iGoogle page and changed the themes on each of my tabs (a tip I gratefully picked up from Ms Mongoose’s blog)… check out the turtles on my CILIP tab, in ‘real’ life their little legs are frenzied!


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