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Erm… not really, but please if you haven’t already, fill in my doodle with which I am trying to find out the age demographic of 23TC people.

27 people have filled it in and there are 96 bloggers registered with 23TC, so only 69 to go, please tell all your friends.


Have just spotted this article, Blogger demographics : who is responsible for the majority of blog content? and it got me thinking that it would be interesting to know our own 23 Things Cam age statistics. Or am I just being nosey? Probably but here goes anyway.

I have created a Doodle poll to try and find out how old we all are. Please fill it in as the results could be interesting, you don’t have to leave your real name of course. All I ask is that you are an active 23 Things Cam participant (although why anyone else would be looking at this blog is quite beyond me and rather an unlikely scenario.) I will report the results in a future blog post, I wonder if we buck the trend?

Please tell your 23Cam friends so that as many of us as possible fill in the poll!

Thing 5 I like very much. Doodle is a great tool and I’ve used it quite a few times, both to arrange work meetings and to organise training sessions for UL duty officers. It’s simple to create a Doodle and to participate in it. For Thing 5 I quickly arranged a support group meeting. I prefer Doodle to Meet-O-Matic (which I tried last year sometime) as it’s more flexible regarding times and all participants can see each other’s choices. And Doodle has a better name, which of course is very important. And it rhymes with strudel and poodle and boodle and noodle…

…and there are doodlebugs!


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