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As a somewhat nervous blogger I cannot imagine who would want to read my ramblings, but I’m here and I’m posting thanks to 23 Things Cambridge. I’m playing catch up as was off last week but as an avid iGoogle fan already week 1 was a bit of a done deal.

I use iGoogle to sort and theoretically compartmentalise all those RSS feeds, blog posts, newspaper headlines which I want to keep up with for library-related stuff, American Studies thingies, higher education news, foodie interests and friends. And not forgetting the invaluable hamster in the cage widget and the fishies that don’t die if you forget to feed them! I’ve been inspired to renovate my tabs on my iGoogle page as a result of looking at what others have done, I think mine have got a bit sloppy and my home page is way too full but this is a pic of the top of  it anyway…

I cannot stress enough how useful I find iGoogle and having had a quick look at Pageflakes and Netvibes, I can’t say they strike me as being any better for what I want, although I must admit I’ve only had a quick delve. I notice that CILIP has a Netvibes pages for keeping up with the “Defining our professional future” posts which shows how the software can be used to share information in any given subject area. I’m not sure if iGoogle can do this too but it probably can and I’m just not aware of it… here’s a snapshot…

(I’m learning this picture insert business as I go along and playing with sizes and stretches so I hope they’re not too fuzzy.)

Will return soon to blog about the blogging, but so far so good and can see how it could be worryingly addictive.