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Firstly, thanks to all who have responded to my Doodle poll, I will await some more responses and get back to this in a day or two.

Thing 6 is the Google Calendar challenge, and when I went to start this I found I already had one set up in the Cambridge domain and was presented with the following message…

…ok thinks I, no problem, and I opened it, added some events to it and loaded my already existing calendar into my iGoogle page. It appeared but it looks like this…

When I click on “select some calendars to display” a little “Loading” appears, then disappears and that’s it.. nada, zilch, no display of my events, just a white space. When I click on Options it doesn’t get any better, although if I try and open the calendar from here, this happens…

but nothing loads!

What am I doing wrong??

Any help will be very much appreciated 🙂



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