Am feeling a bit frazzled and a bit stupid today, as was sat for ages trying to work out why my OPML file was saying I had no style (how RUDE!) while following instructions from Skiddie2. This managed to flummox Andy & Sarah in the drop-in session today too… sorry to you both. Then I got back to my desk only to find other, more techy savvy bloggers than me had managed to set up the bulk feed to their Google and Netvibes readers very successfully, see the comments here. There’s even a shared file available now which is wonderful.

I realise now that I was expecting too much of OPML, I should have just saved the OPML file myself, and not expected it to tell me that it had done it itself.  Despite my lack of style,  (“This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.”) I was able to save and import it into my Google reader. Then I had to delete it when I saw that Girl in the Moon had created a shared file of the feeds, more of them now, and I used that instead.

I am a relative newcomer to Google reader and am not sure I like it, it’s too listy and bland looking. I like the look of Isla’s Netvibes page of feeds much more, it’s very soothing. But I cannot face a foray into a whole new reader (today), and would I be able to set up a reader with Netvibes and embed it into my iGoogle page? Is this totally unreasonable?

I need coffee!

By the way, the drop-in sessions are a great idea, keep them coming, I’m sure they will prove invaluable.